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Paula LewisPaula Lewis

BS in Biology and Minor in Exercise Science from Southwest Missouri State Univ.,

BS in Occupational Therapy from OUHSC, and MBA from Univ of Phoenix

District 4 OKCPS Board of Education. Founder of Oklahoma Therapy Institute working as Occupational Therapist. Co-founder of Quest Pediatric Therapy

Member of American Occupational Therapy Association and Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association. Active on her child’s PTA board. OKCPS Operations and Policies Committees

What is your vision for your school district?

Each child deserves the opportunity to attend a safe, rigorous, neighborhood school. The board’s goal should be to provide each child the opportunity to attend a quality school and to provide teachers with the resources needed to help each child achieve their highest potential. OKCPS staff, parents, and students need stability of the Superintendent. The Board of Education must approve its governance in order to more effectively support and provide accountability to Superintendent Lora.

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the OKCPS board of education must make decisions in the interest of kids versus big business and special interest groups.

What is your view regarding vouchers?

No vouchers.

What is your view regarding charter school programs?

Charter schools are a school choice that has support from our state Board of Education. Therefore, our district must become stronger authorizers and create policy that directs the district to monitor specifics of academics, operations, and finances of each charter. We must ensure that charters do not marginalize already marginalized populations. We need to model collaboration and learn best practices to implement in our public schools. I believe there is a significant difference between local not-for-profit charters and national for-profit charters.

What is your position on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education?

I am deeply disappointed in the Senate’s decision. Betsy DeVos represents everything that we need to keep out of our schools. Our leaders, from municipal to federal, need to listen to the people and keep our kids as their top priority. I am afraid that our elected officials often put our kids on the back burner for profit and political gain. Our students need the federal department of education to ensure equal, fair access to publically funded schools. Local and state elections are more important than ever as we will have to defend the rights of the most vulnerable of our citizens.


Representative Forrest Bennett; American Federation of Teachers; Freedom Oklahoma; Former Senator Angela Munson



Stan HupfeldStanley Hupfeld

Founded Stanley Hupfeld Academy, a charter school, when he was CEO for Integris Baptist

Candidate did not respond to any questions.