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Candidates for OKC School Board District 1


cheryl pooleCheryl Poole

B.A. in Elementary Education – OU

M.Ed. In Elementary Education – UCO Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Teacher for 36 years

Teacher of the Year for OKCPS 2001

What is your vision for your school district?

Public schools have a mission to serve all children, no matter race, religion or ability; thus, leveling the “playing field” for each child through a commitment to high standards and high expectations. Today’s schools should not only provide quality instruction, but are a true partner with stakeholders and community. These partnerships provide opportunities and resources to service the whole child.

One of my goals is to be a voice for the teachers and administrators that are in “the trenches” doing what’s best for kids. Our economic climate and budget cuts have impacted our Arts Programs; many of our schools have been forced to cut their programs completely. Research shows that students receiving Arts Education are more successful academically. By educating the whole child, our district will prepare our students to reach their highest potential. As a board member, I would look outside the box for ways to fund programs such as the Arts to ensure that OKCPS students have access to quality instruction.

What is your view regarding vouchers?

I am opposed to school vouchers.

What is your view regarding charter school programs?

I would have to review each charter application, but I believe it is important to do what is best for all children.

What is your position on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education?

I am strongly opposed to DeVos’ nomination.


Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers




charles henryCharles Henry

What is your vision for your school district?

I will spend the time and energy to do whatever it takes to improve our schools. I will work to increase funding for our schools to attract and retain quality teachers. Implement a structured discipline policy so teachers can focus on teaching. Improve our early intervention, and remediation programs to help struggling students catch up.

Candidate did not respond to any further questions.