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April 3 2017

Introducing the Oklahoma Progressive Network

Inform. Empower. Change.


OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., [Apr 3 2017] — While the current political environment in Oklahoma and across the nation reflects unrest and division, there is a positive movement, the Oklahoma Progressive Network, Inc. (OPN), growing to counter what many see as an intractable partisan divide.

Officially incorporated in February 2017, and comprised of almost 12,000 members, OPN hopes to make political awareness and community involvement more accessible and easier. In less than four months of existence, OPN has produced several solutions and multiple events toward that end. As an example, for February’s school board and city council elections held across Oklahoma, OPN combed through fragmented and at times non-existent candidate information to create a voter guide to educate and inform the public.

During recent U.S. Cabinet confirmation hearings, OPN coordinated office visits and call-in campaigns for citizens to share concerns about some of the nominees with Oklahoma Sens. Inhofe and Lankford. More recently, as the Trump administration and Republican members of Congress continued efforts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” OPN provided citizens with tools to express concerns to Inhofe and Lankford, as well as U.S. Reps. Bridenstine, Mullin, Lucas, Cole and Russell.

With public concern growing about the lack of accessible or in-person town hall meetings in the state, OPN used Facebook Live to broadcast some town hall meetings hosted by Oklahoma’s representatives, providing citizens the opportunity to participate when they were unable to attend in-person.

“We were hearing from so many citizens frustrated about the lack of town halls, invitation-only meetings for certain groups of voters, or town halls that were being held in the middle of the day when most working people can’t attend. So we decided one way OPN could help increase citizen access to their representatives was to have one or two of our volunteers attend town halls and use Facebook Live to broadcast the event,” said Christine Huckleberry, OPN’s first board president.

Citizens watching OPN’s Facebook Live events are invited to post questions in the event’s comment stream and if OPN volunteers are given the opportunity, they convey the questions on behalf of remote viewers to the representative hosting the town hall. For those unable to tune-in during an OPN Facebook Live broadcast, events are recorded and offered for viewing later via the organization’s online video archives. OPN is also producing a variety of focused content, including OPN podcasts, call-to-action campaigns on legislation, email newsletters, and community building events.

OPN plans to continue these efforts and add others in pursuit of its mission to inform and empower all Oklahomans by increasing political awareness and community involvement. To further such efforts, the organization recently filed to become a 501(c)(4) in order to champion political issues and political candidates in Oklahoma.

“OPN’s purpose is to create meaningful, long-term change in Oklahoma. By increasing participation in the political process, we hope to empower our citizens to improve the quality of their lives by being informed and making their voices heard,” said Kasey Greenhaw, president-elect/vice president and media relations. “While we fight through problems such as budget cuts to schools, lower wages for women, and a lack of acceptance of our differences, OPN will help Oklahomans work together to make our state a place that reflects the values important to all of us.”

For more information visit, and follow OPN on Facebook and Twitter.

Established in late 2016 and incorporated in Feb. 2017, the Oklahoma Progressive Network, Inc. is an Oklahoma nonprofit corporation with a mission to connect people and organizations to increase political awareness and community involvement. OPN produces a variety of focused content, including OPN Facebook Live Events, OPN podcasts, call-to-action campaigns on legislation, and email newsletters. OPN recently adopted a resolution to proceed with becoming a 501(c)(4) in order to legally champion political issues and political candidates in Oklahoma.

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