Oklahoma County Sheriff Election

County Sheriff April 4 PRIMARY Election Results

Reference: http://newsok.com/politics/elections/results

  County Sheriff (Republican) – OKLAHOMA

P. D. Taylor 7,770
Brett Macy 6,840
Mike Christian 5,995
Darrell Sorrels 2,179

  County Sheriff (Democrat) – OKLAHOMA

Michael H. Hanson 7,215
Virgil Green 6,447


The General Election for Oklahoma County Sheriff will be: Sept. 12
Original candidates in 2 parties and an independent:
Democrat Republican Independent
Virgil Green Mike Christian Ed Grimes
Mike Hanson Brett Macy
Darrell Sorrels
PD Taylor

Basics on Candidates

Virgil Green

Former Boley and Spencer police chief

Currently police chief West-Helena, AR

Mike Hanson

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy


Mike Christian

Former state Representative and chairman of the Public Safety Committee

Retired State Trooper

Graduated Durant High School

Attended University of Oklahoma and Academy of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol


Brett Macy

Former OKC police lieutenant and FBI detective

Current member of pardon and parole board

BA degree from University of Central Oklahoma


Darrell Sorrels

Worked law enforcement in Choctaw, Harrah and Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Dept.

Former Sheriff’s supervisor


PD Taylor

Current Oklahoma County undersheriff

Worked in Oklahoma City Police Department

Graduated Putnam City High School

Associate Degree in Police Science from Oklahoma City Southwestern College

Served in US Army as sergeant


Ed Grimes

Former OKC police officer and former Canadian County undersheriff.



The County Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and peace officer.[2]

The sheriff must be

  • at least 25 years old
  • a resident of Oklahoma for two years
  • a qualified elector in the county
  • at least a high school diploma

The sheriff must be a certified peace officer at election.

As the chief peace officer, the sheriff is responsible for

  • ensuring the peace is preserved
  • riots are suppressed
  • unlawful assemblies and insurrections are controlled

The sheriff is vested with the power to form a posse of able-bodied men to assist him in controlling riots and lawlessness.

The sheriff also

  • serves as the executor of court orders and other lawful authorities within the county
  • Is empowered to apprehend any person charged with a felony or breach of the peace
  • may attend any court within the county

The sheriff is required to account for funds collected by the office and to make a monthly report to the county commissioners.


Mission of the sheriff’s office[3]

Length of service

  • Average length of service is 5 years
  • Longest was 26 years
  • John Whetzel was sworn in in 1997
  • There have been 22 sheriffs since 1890


County Jail

Opened in 1991 with an inmate capacity of 1,200, the Oklahoma County jail now routinely houses about 2,500 inmates a day. It is located at 201 N. Shartel Ave.


News and opinion regarding the county sheriff department

  • A recent audit of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office found that more than $3.3 million worth of items were unaccounted for.[4]
  • Oklahoma County Jail officials uncovered a contraband smuggling plot that led to five people charged with multiple crimes.[5]
  • Virgil Green[6], Mike Christian[7], Brett Macy[8], Ed Grimes[9], PD Taylor[10], Mike Hanson, Darrel Sorrels[11] file for office.
  • Plans for new county jail.[12]
  • Dept of corrections says state inmates to not be housed at county jail.[13] The department has 16,780 inmates at 17 state centers and 5,981 people at three private prisons.
  • Department of Justice officials agreed to the two-year grace period after Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater went to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 11 and spent three hours discussing how community leaders were committed to taking a holistic approach to resolving the county’s criminal justice issues rather than just building a bigger jail.[14]
  • RedDirtReport reports that 97%, if not more, of Oklahoma County is already getting its law enforcement services provided to them by their standing police force and not the Sheriff’s department. Asserts that “compared to the running of the county jail, law enforcement should not take up a majority of the Sheriff’s time and effort.”[15]
  • RedDirtReport reports “when the Department of Justice did their audit on the jail several years ago, they found 4 maintenance-related things that needed to be fixed. The rest of the problems (61 to be exact) all had to do with direct management of the jail. The 4 maintenance items though included plumbing, lighting, insufficient locks on the cell doors, and overall visibility.”   They asked, “Do we really need a brand new $400 facility to fix these 4 things?”
  • Whetsel and Christian debate Sept 2016.[16]
  • Cancellation of inmate contracts creates hardships for county sheriffs in Oklahoma17]


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