OPN Marches in the OKC Pride Parade

OPN Marches in the OKC Pride Parade

“This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done”, said Kasey Greenhaw, an Oklahoma Progressive Network (OPN) member, as our contingent rounded the corner of 39th and Penn. Thousands were there to cheer for those that marched in the Oklahoma City Pride Parade. It was quite a surreal feeling for those of us whose first time to march in the parade was this past June. It was also an entirely positive experience. The support shown during Pride weekend is quite unique. There aren’t many events that unite so many in such a positive way.

Participating in Pride was something that OPN, an organization of over 11,000 members was thrilled to do. We had special edition OPN Pride t-shirts designed for our members to wear and t-shirt proceeds funded OPN’s booth where we registered voters, and were able to march along others in support of the LGBTQIA community. Chelsea Abney, an OPN member, shared, “It’s crazy how one year you’re at pride watching the parade, and the next you’re part of the action. Registering voters was a great way for me to take part in the movement OPN is all about!” It’s a sentiment felt by many within the group. Being a part of something with a focus on inclusivity and and equality is something special.

OPN is an organization that prides itself on supporting equal rights for all individuals throughout Oklahoma and beyond. According to OPN member, Jennifer Prilliman, “The heart of OPN’s mission is empowering Oklahomans to be involved in the political process. We registered new voters from all parties and had great conversations about ways people could participate in civic action and discourse, all while showing our support for the LGBTQIA community.” Prilliman continued, “My pride attendance was specifically dedicated to someone near and dear to me who recently began transitioning. They deserve to live in this community safely and free from discriminatory policies.”

While this was the first Pride Parade since the founding of OPN in 2016, it certainly won’t be the last to include OPN participation. With a fantastic turnout, and everyone in attendance working toward the same goal, real change can be made in Oklahoma. Everyone should feel free to love who they love and be who they are. OPN is a proud supporter of equal rights.



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